The name Bleu Jenga comes from the Swahili word "build", and bleu, which denotes freshness.

Build Ideas

We help our clients identify and 'build' new ideas by focusing on new and innovative technology and business trends. Areas such DevOps, with its foundation in Agile methodologies such as SCRUM and Kanban, and highly automated processes for testing, integrating, building, accepting and deploying code are areas that we have had success at Federal clients. We help our clients build on the right ideas for their business or, for our Federal clients, their Mission. Our portfolio management services help our clients identify the right ideas that need to be implemented, prioritize those Ideas and define the benefits that will be realized.

Build Value

Ideas do not benefit anyone if they are not implemented correctly and fast. Delivering on that Value quickly and realizing Benefits early is where our project management, portfolio management, and Agile development methods help. Bringing the right resources with the right talent, skillsets and experience ultimately drives the realization of Value.

Guiding Principles

"The only constant is change." With this in mind, Huba Papp started Bleu Jenga in 2014 with a set of guiding principles that have their origins in Agile practices.

  • Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools - while it is easy to fall back on tools, apps, technology and new processes to solve problems, we believe in focusing on our customers' needs, understanding their challenges and delivering solutions based on their real priorities
  • Working Products / Value over Comprehensive Documentation - while documenting our approach and our deliverables are important, the delivered products comes first. We focus on identifying ideas that work and delivering the value so that our clients can realize the benefits as quickly as possible.
  • Client Collaboration over Negotiations - This Principle is at the core of our Customer Focus. We believe in finding the best solutions that work for our clients. If something isn't working for our clients, we work with them to get "unstuck".  While we always deliver on our commitments, we are flexible when our customers' needs change.
  • Respond to Change over Sticking to a Plan - This acknowledges the constant state of change we are in, and that predicting the future is almost impossible. That does not mean that a plan is not required, however. It recognizes that conditions change and that we must be "agile" when changes do occur.

Our People, Our Culture

These principles also guide our interactions with our People. In the IT services industry, the statement "our business is our people" is even more true. The face of Bleu Jenga to our customers is our employees and our partners. We recognize that our success and our customers' depends not only on our employees, but also on our partners. Thus, we believe in operating in a virtually badgeless workplace. These guiding principles translate to

  • Respect - Our culture starts with respecting each other - our views, our abilities, our ideas, our beliefs. We promote new ideas from all levels of our company - from the fresh ideas of new graduates to the sage wisdom of 20+ year senior staff. For instance, at any given time, the most junior team member may be "the customer" to the most senior member of the company. That junior person's needs are no less important. They have a job to do as much as the senior person does.
  • Balance - We know that people have responsibilities and interests outside of work. While we expect our employees to have the professionalism to prioritize their work activities, we also provide every opportunity for our employees to have balance in their busy lives.
  • Recognize - Our people work very hard to satisfy our customers, deliver innovative solutions and provide high quality services to our customers - both internal and external. We believe in recognizing and rewarding our employees and our partners for performing at a high level. We have an Employee Performance Reward Plan open to all of our staff paid out on a quarterly basis.
  • Mentor - We promote mentoring between our staff to pass on the varied knowledge and experience that our staff has gained over the years. We believe that not only our more experienced staff should be mentors, but also our people with less experience have a lot to contribute, also. We spread our collective knowledge and ideas through Lunch & Learn events, internal training and informal mentoring activities.

Huba Papp

Huba Papp has a record of engineering and delivering high-performance, cost-effective solutions to meet demanding business process challenges at firms such as NTT Data, DMI, BAE and others. He directed teams that developed complex systems that improved performance both internally and for key clients including Fortune 1000 companies and federal government agencies. He has experience planning and leading global programs, and leading and winning capture efforts and proposals for large, complex programs. His background is in

  • Planning & delivering complex, large-scale projects within tight time & budget constraints
  • Aligning IT & systems with global organizational, end-user & customer requirements
  • Accelerating systems development life cycles while maintaining superior quality
  • Leveraging emerging technologies to maximize productivity & reduce costs
  • Recruiting, mentoring, motivating & retaining top cross-functional talent